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Busy as usual around here but I have found a new obsession. Hubby got a motorcycle and although I told him I would never ride on it I have found that I actually love it! Now my motto is "Sun is is out!" I stalk the weather channel to see what the weather is going to be to see if we will have the opportunity to ride before the weather gets bad. LOL. Late-life crisis? Who knows?

What's going on in your parts of the world?
That sounds great! I’ve wanted one forever, but we move too much. Boooo lol

Everything is as usual around here. Drawing, singing, and gaming.

We are taking a trip to Oslo this week, so that’s new, at least 🤣
In my younger days, in my previous marriage, I used to ride many motorcycles. My ex loved them, we had many British as well as Japanese Motorcycles. Since I have remarried, and got older, I could never do that again, the traffic here has increased a lot, and there are too many loopy drivers out there!! (Many motorcyclists and cyclists losing their lives!). Just by coincidence they are talking about that on morning TV this morning!!
I have been busy this year, but that is easing a bit, and at the moment I am trying to get some kits in the store, which I have not done in 4/5 months now.
We have also been to the theatre many times over the past few months seeing several different shows.
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