Fanart has always been a very popular theme in ATCs. Movies, music, video games, sports, etc. Your fandoms can give you loads of inspiration for your work.

Making cards for others is also as easy as looking at the things they enjoy as entertainment. If you are unsure of your recipients fandoms, you can always ask.

Pop culture is another good theme for creating cards. Landmarks, cultural apparel, city-scapes, etc. These all make great themes for ATCs.

Nature is also a good place to turn for a few ideas. Go out and take a lot of photos of your surroundings. You will be surprised at the little gems you will find. Maybe a moss covered rock catches your eye. You may run across an abandoned bird nest that you could use for reference. A cute little squirrel bounding through the trees could even be considered a great card theme!

Your current location could be perfect for making cards. It would be like sneaking a peek into your life.
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