Here is my Instagram for those who wanna see what I've been doingšŸ˜˜


I was having some issues canā€™t get my whole image in Instagram so I gave up uploading
If you are uploading from your phone, you can "pinch" the images when you upload. Otherwise, you can crop them as square images in your photos app.
I was trying to do it from my Mac , maybe I am better to do it from my phone
Yeah, instagram is meant for use on mobile. That is the main reason you can't upload directly from their site in a normal browser.
I've got an Instagram but have never used it...perhaps it's getting to be time to check into doing that. Well, if I can start drawing again that is.
I have IG & a FB page for photography. Haven't updated either for awhile though.

This isn't social media but it's where I first set up to sell my photos and creations, I have a FB that links to it. I have approximately sold a dozen things all up since I first started...probably because it's print on demand and crazy high prices. I mean who buys a pair of leggings for $66?

Almost forgot about Deviantart. As crappy as that site is, I have been there so long that I don't think I could leave. I am constantly rotating my art on there, so there isn't much old stuff on there, though.
I just uploaded over 200 cards to deviantArt today. I won't spam the whole place here, though. I will only post the new stuff in the gallery.
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