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I have seen this come up several times over the years, and both sides make some pretty valid points.

On the one hand, I think the contest and challenges give a bit of a boost to beginners' self-esteem. It can also gain prizes (art supplies, etc) for those who win (always great for those who have a bit less of means). It is also a good way to get your name into the community with the most minimal of effort. It can be just a fun challenge for some, as well.

However, I have been seeing the argument about it diminishing the art and its community. For example, creating a sense of competition where there shouldn't be one. Apparently, there are those out there who think artists who enter these contests are "less-than." I actually was browsing another site that said something along the lines of "art is only as valuable as its sticker.": meaning that they only care about the monetary value, rather than the artistic value. But... that gets us on another tangent...

Of course, we should never really care about what others think of us, though. Our art should speak for itself. But for someone who is professional, they would be a bit out of place with beginners or even hobbyists. But that is a separate issue.

What do you think of art contests? Do you think the value of art is only dependent on the sticker you can attach to it?


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I don't see how it de-values the artist but similar things are said about photographers. I love everything photography competitions, I learn from each one so I feel it works be the same for artists. And entering competitions is another way of getting yourself seen. Just my opinion.


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We all have to start somewhere, I love challenges and competitions, it has helped me to progress over the past few years..
I tried watching How To Videos for Photography a couple of years ago, I had learnt a fair bit from there, but they all had expensive equipment and studios, so my photography may not be at their level. That has not stopped me enjoying it as a hobby and I have learnt so much through trying new things and doing challenges.
I am part of a group for photography and graphics, they have weekly challenges, and everyone is happy to join in and try it regardless of what level they are, beginners or skilled. Whereas a lot of the photography groups are more for skilled photographers.
I think it's about finding the right group(s), where you feel comfortable, and can learn at your own pace. Regular challenges is a great way to learn, and improve your skills, it does not have to be a competition between people of different skill levels, use it as part of the learning curve.
I love this group, and wish I had more time to do all the challenges here.


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I enjoy doing the random competition. I don't ever plan on being "professional," so I don't see any harm in it. I can understand this from a professional POV, but I think that would be a problem here. While cards can be a pretty good living for some, it won't be for everyone.

I think we are safe to keep having contests and things.

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