Board Rules

Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Let's Do Some Art!. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. House Rules

    1. # One thing we do require here is participation. Because this is a small, private owned community, we like to keep our numbers in the range of actual active members. Anyone who has not been active in at least 6 months will be removed. If you are removed, you are welcome to rejoin. But be prepared to be removed over and over if you do not stay active. (Sometimes I am a lazy b!tc4, so this might end up not being as big of a deal as you'd think)
    2. # Spam is not welcome here. Moderators and admins will remove any content that isn't welcome. This will be deemed on a case by case basis. No one is safe from the hammer!
    3. # You may see nudity in art here. Sometimes things slip. If you see an offensive image, please message a staff member.
    4. # DO NOT put huge images in your signatures. Your images should be no taller than 100 pixels. This is an art community, not a fashion show. You are allowed to put links in your signatures. Please be aware that if a link is deemed inappropriate, it will be removed by an admin or moderator.
    5. # If you have a complaint about any company or their products, please do not post any links to their websites or name them directly. Search engines will pick up the content and the company can file complaints. You can, however, complain about a product, just leave the names out of it. If anyone is curious about what this product or company is, they can ask privately.
    6. # Politics and religion have no place on this forum. You can create art that subtly pertains to the two, but no discussions are allowed, since both of these topics are open for controversy and diffing opinions. If political or religious art is posted, ONLY the technique and skill are up for debate.
  2. Art Rules

    1. # Always respect other people's work. Copyright starts when the pencil hits the paper. The owner ALWAYS has last say in what their work is used for. DO NOT TAKE ART! That is a huge huge HUGE no-no. You are not allowed to do anything with anyone else's work without express written permission.
    2. # Do not offer unwanted critiques. Reserve your judgements for people who specifically ask for criticism. Harsh critiques can be seriously off putting to new-comers. In my experience, boosting people up has a much better result than putting them down. Any unwarranted judgements, critiques, or criticisms will be removed and the offender will receive a warning.
    3. # Non-artists are definitely welcome here! Do NOT shame another person for not creating. You can gently suggest, but do not push the matter if the recipient is not willing.
    4. # All trades and transactions are between artist and collector. Management will not be held responsible for sour deals. We are only providing the platform, not the service.
    5. # NEVER ask someone to recreate another's artwork! If you like an artwork, please ask the person who created it.
  3. Reputation

    1. # Reputation is REQUIRED when you do trades and swaps. If you trade, and you DON'T get a rep point, please inform an admin. There could be several reasons you didn't get your rep. Let the staff figure it out and we will get back to you! Please do not argue or start fights over the rep points.
    2. # After you have traded a card, go to a user's profile and look for the Reputation entry. Click on the link to "Rate User." You can leave a positive or negative reputation. DO NOT be afraid to leave negative rep if your trade or swap went sour. Be sure to contact an admin before just dishing it out, though.
    3. # After you have participated in a swap, leave your HOST a reputation. Players DO NOT give rep to other players in a swap, as this will be done by the host.
    4. # Every reputation you give someone will require a comment. You must add the swap or trade information to the comment so we know exactly why you have given it.
    5. # Hosts can also determine if you need a certain amount of Rep before you can join a swap. This is completely left up to the host.
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