Number of Cards
All Traditional
Sign Up Close Date
Dec 13, 2021
Mail Before Date
Jan 13, 2022
Returns Mail-Out Date
Feb 13, 2022
You must register to join this event!!
You can use any traditional medium you wish. Acrylic, watercolor, graphite, colored pencils, ink, etc. Colors are completely up to you. You can even use black-and-white.
No collage, stamps, or stickers are allowed on your cards. Doing so will result in your cards being returned.

Pay very close attention to the due dates.
Your return cards will be mailed out as soon as they all have arrived.

  • Your cards MUST be 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches. Other sizes will be returned to you without trading.
  • Cards MUST be in protective sleeves. If you have trouble finding sleeves, please post in the Chat area of the forum.
  • Please include a sticky label with your mailing address. If you cannot provide a label, let me know BEFORE sending. This is to make sure your address is clear on your returns.
  • Include your username with your cards. Either on the back with your artist information, or on an extra piece of paper.

This swap is 3 for 3. This means that you will be creating a mandatory 3 cards to get 3 cards in return. Any extras will be considered "gifts" for the host. And gifts are always welcome

Card examples (these are not included in the swap):

IMPORTANT: Please contact me before sending, just in case there are special instructions.

For this swap, I have a partner in crime! The address you will be sending to is @LadyGirl. She has graciously offered to help with our very first swap! Thank you LadyGirl! I wouldn't be anything without you here with me

Please send me a Private Conversation to get the send address.

Please reimburse for the postage. This makes sure that your hosts don't have to hold the whole event out-of-pocket. If you don't have the means to provide postage, please contact me for alternatives. I am willing to work with everyone to be able to participate. This information will be included in your Private Conversation.


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If you need some inspiration or reference photos:

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If you would like to participate in this (or any) swap here on LDSA, please be sure to fill out this form!
This is for the protection of our members. We want to reduce the risk of runaway swap participants.

If you are new to swaps, be sure to read through our Knowledge Base before participating. Everything you need to know about cards is in this Base. This includes packing instructions. If you still have questions, or if the Base is too overwhelming, please contact a staff member and we can walk you through it.

Please be sure you are following ALL of the rules your host has set forward. Failing to do so will result in your cards being returned to you. This includes having your cards the right size, being on theme with your artwork, including signatures and/or usernames, etc. Double and triple check your cards before you send. And remember, a gift for your host is always a good idea.

Mailing has been extremely affected by Covid-19. Join at your own risk. Mail to and from you can take considerably longer than usual. The host is not obliged to replace any returns that go missing. The swap host can chose to do so if they have the possibility. Please be advised that any issues with slow or missing mail is beyond the hosts control.


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Virginia, USA

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